What is holding you back?

I was recently coaching a client who works with an MNC, and had engaged me in his personal capacity to help him restore his work-life balance.

After a couple of coaching sessions, he realised that what manifested as adverse work-life balance, had its roots in his ‘not so adequate’ time management skills which in turn stemmed from his inability to say No. He realised that at work, he just could not say no to people who kept intruding on his time, which resulted in work piling up; the only time he managed to get to work on his own was after office hours! It is not surprising for such revelations to surface during coaching sessions, where treating symptoms of issues may not help solve the actual problem.

As a Coach, I believe that individuals have all the wisdom within themselves to solve their challenges. It is just that they don’t get the time to think through their problem or don’t know how to take a deep dive within to find solutions or just need to find the right motivation to bring the desired change.

It will be a pleasure to exchange notes over a call/skype or catch up over a coffee cup coaching session (completely gratis!) to understand what is holding you back and if I could help you with any of your challenges.

After 25 years in various finance and business leadership roles, I now work as a Strategy Consultant and Leadership & Life Coach, besides mentoring Scale-ups and Start-ups. Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn or write to me atsandeep.jain@value-unlocked.com

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