Some insights from Thrive by Ariana Huffington

Mentorbox was a great way to gain quick insights from the book Thrive by Ariana Huffington. The key theme of Thrive is that life is not only about Money and Power, it has a third pillar – Wellness, which is the ability to survive and thrive in this chaos. Wellness means focusing on well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving. The book suggests a list of possible things one can do to cultivate Wellness:

·      Unplug – from technology, at least two hours during your waking time – no phones, no television, no screens. Use the time instead for improving your health, mental wellness and cultivating wisdom.

·      Mindfulness – Sit with yourself in silence for a bit. Just start with a minute or two during the day, sitting still and focussing on your body or just observing your surroundings.

·      Meditation – Mindfulness is the beginning of meditation. Just sitting still and counting your breadths for those few minutes is a great start.

·      Giving – Altruism is a sure way to happiness. Give – even if it is just an honest compliment and do it every single day.

·      Life of Value – Life should not only be about how much you take or receive but more about how much value can you give back. Re-frame your work goals with a giving attitude. Imagine everything you do as exchange of value. What value are you giving to the world?

·      Wisdom – Everyday become a better version of yourself. Pay attention to what really matters, learn more or try something new, get out of your comfort zone.

·      Wonder – Ask the big questions, about the meaning of life. Why you are here and what is the purpose of life? By doing this, you will push yourself to be what you are meant to be.

·      Gratitude – Gratitude induces happiness and improve relationships. Every day, before going to sleep, remind yourself of five things that you are grateful for during that day.

·      Sleep – Do not ignore sleep. Sleep brings energy which leads to action which results in success. Give yourself the 7-8 hours of sleep that your body deserves. Be disciplined – sleep and wake up at the same time, avoid screen time at least one hour before sleep . . .

Thrive is about all of the above and much more with tools and tricks to get going!

Sandeep Jain

After 25 years in various finance and business leadership roles, I now work as a Strategy Consultant and Leadership & Life Coach, besides mentoring Scale-ups and Start-ups. Follow me on LinkedIn or feel free to write to me at

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